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Dr. LaTrice Williams, The Destiny Driver, is gifted to the body of Christ as an Apostle and Prophet. To know her is to know she is a Servant. She lives, loves, and leads through service. She is first and foremost, a child of God and an Ambassador for Christ the Savior. Her first ministry is as a Mom and Gigi!

She holds an earned Bachelors in Christian Counseling, earned Masters in Theology and an Honorary Doctorate in Biblical Theology from The School of The Great Commission Bible College and Seminary. In December 2021, she will graduate with an earned Doctorate in Bible Studies. Most importantly and above her degrees, LaTrice is filled with the Holy Spirit!

Humbled by God’s love, grace, and trust in her, LaTrice understands that her life is not her own. Her charge is to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.  As an Apostolic Trailblazer and Pioneer, she embraces her call to encourage, equip, inspire, and elevate all people to live their most authentic life while serving God and people. She is a sent one! Sent to push people to pursue destiny! Sent to equip, train, build, nurture and cultivate the gifts of those assigned to her directly and indirectly.

She is the Visionary and Senior Pastor of Divine Grace Ministries International in Georgia, North Carolina, and Louisiana. The ministry also serves those across the United States with Covenant Members connected via the E-Church. LaTrice also founded Divine Connections Covenant Fellowship serving Pastors and other Ministry Leaders across the nation as their Spiritual Covering and/or Mentor.  She is also the CEO and Founder of LaTrice Williams Ministries (LaTrice Williams, The Destiny Driver).

As The Destiny Driver, LaTrice is known to be real, raw, and relevant as she provides Mentorship, wisdom, and counsel to men and women across the nation, helping them gain clarity about their God ordained purpose and mission in life.

As a Business Owner, she is the Owner and CEO of Living With More Enterprises which houses a publishing division, Living With More Publications and Magazine Layout Division. She also owns The Destiny Shoppe, providing trendy Kingdom apparel for women.

Apostle LaTrice also founded Destiny World Training Institute! The mission of DWTI is to help Kingdom Leaders grow and lead in a more excellent way. It is a place of equipping, building, and strengthening Kingdom Leaders at any level of ministry through biblically based training. It is a safe place that is changing the lives, styles and enriching the effectiveness of leaders throughout the nation.

LaTrice, noted as the The Prophetic Pen, is also a Scribe and an Amazon International Best- Selling Author.  She has penned a total of 6 books and a full sized journal.  She is also a Gospel Recording Artist and writes most of her own material.

She is also the Conference Host and Visionary of No More DRAMA, a conference for men and women that has proved to be life altering! The testimonies of miracles, signs and wonders are many from the ministry shared at this conference.

She is also the owner and founder of the Living With More Awards Show honoring individuals who have made great accomplishments in life, ministry, and business.

LaTrice is living to serve God through serving HIS people in love and in excellence. With the hand of the Lord on her life and the ministries, through teaching, preaching, training, equipping, and mentoring, she is pioneering and blazing through her Destiny Journey.