Divine Grace Ministries International
Witnesses To The World- Acts 1:8

Mission and Vision

Divine Grace Ministries International, An Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry was birthed out of prayer at the guidance of the Holy Spirit and obedience of Founder, Apostle Dr. LaTrice Williams. At God’s leading, there would be one church with multiple locations crossing state lines. The vision and foundation of this church plant and all locations planted is based on Isaiah 49:5-6 and Acts 1:8.

We are Witnesses to The World!

We will build upon this foundation to do just as the scripture says - raise and restore nations of people to the redeeming and saving power of the Lord, Jesus Christ. The nations of people begin with our immediate family, parishioners and flows to our neighborhoods and communities. We will feed God’s people from the Holy Word of God and to increase knowledge, understanding and application of the scripture in their daily lives. We also endeavor to break free of traditionalism that may be holding people bound yet utilizing the foundational and sound, doctrinal teachings of the Holy Bible!

We are a place where heavenly supernatural spiritual activity is experienced. Our purpose is to build and advance the Kingdom of God in cities, regions, nations, and in the world. We are centers of a number of different and varying ministries.

Divine Grace Ministries International Campuses are centralized centers of grace and power. We are equipping Believers to share God and His great love through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our Hubs are distribution centers for spreading the good news. Our Hubs are a place where all cultures can gather.

Training, Equipping and Releasing!

We are a birthing place for ALL gifts, Five-fold and otherwise. Our mandate is to build BELIEVERS and allow God to stretch them into whatever gifts and callings He has on their life. As God stretches them, we cultivate, nourish, equip, train, and build.

We are a place where racial, social, and economic divides are broken through the love of God and the teaching of the Word of God.

Our mission is to train, equip and release strong Kingdom leaders to fulfill their Kingdom mandate in the earth. Our ultimate goals are to reach every soul that God intends for us to encounter, usher them into the presence of the Most-High God and be an active part in their spiritual transformation into who God wants them to be and enter into the places where God desires them to be. We will do this as instructed in Matthew 28:19. Our fruit will be shown in the love we display for God and toward one another. Our service to God’s people is our service to God! Welcome to a Supernatural Move of God sharing in God’s great Favor, Restoration & Transformation with YOU!

Isaiah 49:5-6

“And now the Lord says, Who formed Me from the womb to be His Servant, To bring Jacob back to Him, So that Israel is gathered to Him (For I shall be glorious in the eyes of the Lord, And My God shall be My strength), Indeed He says, ‘It is too small a thing that You should be My Servant To raise up the tribes of Jacob, And to restore the preserved ones of Israel; I will also give You as a light to the Gentiles, That You should be My salvation to the ends of the earth.”

Acts 1:8

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Matthew 28:19

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen. (NKJV)